How I know Grandmaster Chen Xiao-Wang

Master Chen Xiao Wang
I brought my family from Malaysia to Australia in 1988.

In 1990 Grandmaster Chen was sponsored by a local Tai Chi school to teach Chen style Tai Chi. The instructor of that school invited me to be the interpreter at one of the workshops. That was the first time I met the greatest teacher and friend in my life.

I remembered the first question I asked him,  “After 15 years of Tai Chi practice, I feel that I know nothing, tell me frankly, does tai chi use force?” He smiled and replied: “If you do not use force, how can you defend yourself? After 15 years of practice, you feel that you know nothing. This means you already know ‘something’, but since you said that you know nothing, I think I can be your teacher!” Very Philosophical!

From that time onwards we started our teacher/student relationship. Less than a year later the sponsorship came to an end. Grandmaster Chen had a problem with his sponsor (I don’t wish to detail it here) and the negotiation at my house for the extension of the sponsorship broke down. The following morning I took Grandmaster Chen to the immigration office to renew his stay or else he would have been deported the following day. I was very glad that he was a wise man. He had already lined up another sponsor in Sydney so that he could continue his stay in Australia. Since then, every few months, he would travel from Melbourne or Sydney to Adelaide and stayed in my house teaching me his family art ( Chen Tai Chi), Six Sounds Healing Chi Kung, Yin Yang Chi Kung and also Chinese Calligraphy.

Besides teaching me kung fu, he also taught me Tai Chi philosophy. He was the one who encouraged me to start Australia Yin Yang Tai Chi Academy assisting him to spread his family art to the public.

Since then he has become my beloved teacher, my greatest friend and mentor. His influence on me is beyond measure.

With his guidance,I understand what is real tai chi.It is a best art for Health and Self Defence. At the same time,its philosophies on yin yang principles can apply to individual’s self improvement,family harmony,community understanding,business and world peace.

Biography of Master Wong Kuan-Yew

Born in 1946. Studied Cheng Man-Ching and Yang Tai Chi with Grandmaster Huang Shing-Sheang of Malaysia since 1975.

Spent a short period of time with Grandmaster Chok Sing-Kam on Cheng Man-Ching and Yang style.

Learnt Sun style from senior coach of China, Grandmaster Bai Wen-Siang.

Studied Chi Kung with Grandmaster Fong Lam of Malaysia Chi Kung Institute.

Private training with Grandmaster Chen Xiao-Wang since 1990. Learned the 38 movement (Sanshiba), Chen style competition set, Lao Chia First Routine, Lao Chia Second Routine (Cannon Fist), Sword, Push Hand, Chin-na, Six Sound Healing Chi Kung and Yin Yang Chi Kung.

Set up Australia Yin Yang Tai Chi Academy in 1993.

Since 1998, students have participated in the Australia Tai Chi Title Challenge held in Sydney and won gold medals in Cheng Man-Ching and Chen style every year.

Sifu KJ Wong Won Grand Championship in 2001


In 2001, eldest son, Kok-Jhoon Wong won first place in the Grand championship and won gold medals in Traditional Chen form and Traditional weapons.

Invited to judge in the competition every year.

In 2002, travelled to the UK to conduct workshops on Yin Yang Tai Chi Chi Kung, Push hand and Tai Chi Chin-na.