A traditional Chinese saying: “It is better to spend 3 years looking for a good teacher than to study 3 years with an incompetent teacher.”

  • Preferably good lineage. Only a proficient teacher has a better chance of producing good students but good lineage is no guarantee that the instructor has learned the ‘correct technique’ from his teacher. Very often the instructor must show respect, sincerity and love to his teacher and demonstrate that he is of good character before his teacher will show him the correct technique. The relationship between the instructor and his teacher has great influence on what his teacher will teach him.
  • The instructor must train very hard himself so that the Tai Chi principles can be expressed in his movement, internally and externally.
  • The instructor must not be selfish and be willing to share his knowledge with his students (of course the students must earn it first).
  • The instructor must be able to explain and demonstrate the principles and movements to his students.
  • The instructor must teach hard, i.e., be willing to spend time in correcting individual movements of his students and be serious about his teaching.